EURUS AGROMARKET - Module cooperation in Master Degree Studies: Mission of 2 partner universities (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia and the Russian Timiryazev State Agricultural University, Russian Federation) is to offer a master degree program allowing students of both participating universities to internationalize their master degree study in the way of participating at the one semester module cooperation program of the partner university, with fully recognized studies and grades obtained from the partner university in the field of agrarian marketing and trade.

Bilateral Agreement on the Program of Module Cooperation in Master Degree Studies is signed by and among:

  • Faculty of Economics and Management, Slovak University Agriculture in Nitra, Slovak Republic, hereinafter referred to as „SUA“
  • Faculty of Economics, The Russian Timiryazev State Agricultural University, Russian Federation, hereinafter referred to as „RT SAU“
It is building on the long-term intensive cooperation among institutions, establishing mutual contribution to the academic education encouraging exchange of students and the existing master study programs: study program „Agrarian Trade and Marketing“ (SUA) and Marketing Management in Agri-food complex/Agrarian Trade and Marketing (RT SAU).