Central European Business Joint project


Seminar will be organized in 2 modules, at 2 universities and countries as split joint programme (one week in Ukraine, one week in Slovakia, 2 weeks in total):

  1. October, 10, 2010 – October, 16, 2010, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Management, Kiev, Ukraine
    Working title of the module: “Business environment in Central Europe: European integration and beyond EU borders

  2. November, 7, 2010 – November, 13, 2010, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of Economics and Management, Nitra, Slovak Republic
    Working title of the module: “Doing Business in Central Europe and wider Internationally: Managerial and Marketing implications”
Time between 2 contact modules will be used for studying and preparing group project work which will be presented in Nitra and will be a part of final evaluation. Certificate for successful seminar participation will be awarded in Nitra.