Thematic sections of the SSC 2012
Business Economics
Key words: Business Efficiency. Productivity. Profit Category. Costs. Revenue. Subsidy. Direct Payment. Agricultural Policy. Land. Prices. Production and Market. Structural Funds. Foods. Consumer

Business Management
Key words: Business Management. Planning. Strategies. Organization. Control. Quality Management. Personal Management. Business Culture. Business Ethics

Marketing and Trade
Key words: Consumer. Marketing Mix. Product Policy. Price Policy. Distribution Policy. Communication Policy. Marketing Strategies. International Business. Internal Trade. Business Firms. Export. Import. Business Policy. EU Terms of Trade

Key words: Finance. Monetary Policy. Capital Structure. Financial Resources. Financial Analysis. Financial Tools. Bank System. Bank Operations. Insurance

Information Systems and Accounting
Key words: Asses. Resources of Capital Financing. Balance Sheet. Profit and Loss Account. Information System. Management. Managerial Accounting. Accounting. Statement of Finances. Audit of Assets and Debt. Accounting System. Taxation. Taxes

Quantitative Methods
Key words: Quantitative Methods. Statistics. Methods of Prediction. Space Statistics. Fuzzy Operations Research. Optimalization. Modeling. Demographics

Key words: Informatics. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). ICT in Education. Internet. Intranet. Computer Networks. Internet e-services

In every section an overhead projector, data projector and computer will be at your disposal. The Powerpoint presentation should take approximately 10 minutes and a 10 minute discussion on the presented topic will follow after the presentation.