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Id : 21
Meno : Michal
Priezvisko : Kvet
Organizácia : Žilinská univerzita v Žiline
Iná organizácia :
Prihlasujem sa do sekcie : Inovatívne formy vzdelávania na vysokých školách, e-learning, použitie virtuálnej reality vo výučbe
Obed 6.11.2019 : Nie
Večera 6.11.2019 : Nie
Obed 7.11.2019 : Áno
Slávnostná večera 7.11.2019 : Nie
Obed 8.11.2019 : Áno
Abstrakt - stručný text : At present, there is a relatively wide range of tools and systems for managing both teaching materials and tests. One of the best known is Moodle. Although it provides a large number of parameters and characteristics, it does not fully cover the specific requirements of individual subjects, in our case, mostly covered by Database systems. The aim of this project is to create an information system with interactive management of teaching and testing not only theoretical IT knowledge. Implementatio