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Welcome to the online proceedings of the international conference: International Scientific Days 2016.

The International Scientific Days 2016 was organized by:

  • Faculty of Economics and Management Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
  • Society of Agricultural Experts at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
  • Visegrad University Association
  • Society of Agricultural Experts
  • Association of Agricultural Economists in Slovakia

The aim of the conference was to present and discuss current problems of economic and management issues related to specific issues within
the agri-food chains and natural resources management.

The key speakers during conference were:

  • David Sedik - FAO representative
  • Dr. Bayu Krisnamurthi - Chief Executive Indonesia Estate Corp Fund for Palmoil, Chairman of Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economists
  • Dr. John Westra - AgCenter Louisiana State University, USA
  • Dr. John Russin - Louisiana State University, USA
  • Petr Blížkovský - General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium
  • Ing. Matej Hudec - Head of Unit Agriculture and Fisheries, Permanent Representant of the Slovak Republic to the EU, Slovak Republic

This conference proceedings contain contributions of the conference participants which were presented during the conference.
All these contributions have successfully passed the double-blind peer-review process.

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