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Theme of conference

The theme of the Conference is: „The Agri-Food Value Chain: Challenges for Natural Resources Management and Society

Conference sessions:

  • Food Security, Trade and Agricultural Policy
    Track chairs:
    • prof. h.c. doc. Ing. Mária Kadlečíková, CSc., SUA Nitra
    • doc. Ing. Ľuboš Smutka, PhD, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, CR

  • Bioeconomy, Resource Management and Sustainable Development
    Track chairs:
    • Dr. Takácsné Prof. dr. habil György Katalin, Károly Róbert College, Hungary
    • doc. Ing. Natália Turčeková, PhD, SUA Nitra
    • Ing. Zuzana Lajdová, PhD., SUA Nitra

  • The Agri-Food Value Chain Analysis: Economics, Management and Logistics
    Track chairs:
    • Dr. Jakub Piecuch, Agricultural University of Cracow, Poland
    • prof. Murat Yercan, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey
    • Ing. Veronika Hrdá, PhD., SUA Nitra

  • Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Track chairs:
    • prof. Ajay Kumar Singh, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India
    • Dr. Andre Mostert, University of East London, United Kingdom
    • prof. Ing. Iveta Ubrežiová, CSc., SUA Nitra

  • Finance and Current Issues
    Track chairs:
    • doc. Miroslav Plevný, PhD, West Bohemian university, CR
    • Dr. Amitabh Gupta, University of Delhi, New Delhi India
    • Ing. Marián Tóth, PhD, SUA Nitra

  • Accounting and Information Systems
    Track chairs:
    • Ing. Renáta Krajčírová, PhD, SUA Nitra
    • doc. Olena Oliynyk, NULES of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • New Dimensions in Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture - in cooperation with the Slovak Sociological Society´s Section on Rural and Agricultural Sociology
    Track chairs:
    • Prof. Jonas Caplikas, Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania
    • Dr. Henrietta Nagy, Szent Istvan University Gödöllő, Hungary
    • doc. Danka Moravčíková, PhD, SUA Nitra

  • Agricultural University Education, Quality Assurance and Humanity Studies  
    Track chairs:
    • Dr. John Russin, Louisiana State University, USA
    • prof. Viktor Smelik, St. Petersburg State Agrarian University, Russia
    • doc. RNDr. Dana Országhová, CSc., SUA Nitra
    • PaedDr. Timea Šebeň-Zaťková, PhD, SUA Nitra

  • Information and Communication Technologies
    Track chairs:
    • prof. Ing. Ivan Vrana, DrSc. Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague
    • doc. Ing. Klara Hennyeyova, PhD., SUA Nitra
    • RNDr. Darina Tóthová, PhD., SUA Nitra

  • International workshop Food Sciences & Consumer Studies: Bridging Traditions with Novelties
    • Food Marketing and Consumer Studies
      Track chairs:
      • Dr. Hotniar Siringoringo, Gunadarma university, Indonesia
      • prof. Marija Cejrak, University of Zagreb, Croatia
      • prof. Savino Santovito, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Italy
      • prof. Ing. Ľudmila Nagyová, PhD., SUA Nitra
    • Market Research, New Technologies and Interdisciplinary Approaches (Including presentations of newly established Consumer studies classroom)
      Track chairs:
      • Dr. Barbara Borusiak, Poznan University of Economics, Poland
      • Ing. Martin Souček, PhD, Mendel University, CR
      • Ing. Jan Tlučhor, PhD, West Bohemian University, Plzen, CR

  • VUA session: Studies on Agri-Food Value Chain in Visegrad and Eastern Partnership Regions  
    • Dr.h.c. prof. dr. hab. Janusz Zmija, PhD, Agricultural University in Cracow, Poland
    • Dr. Tatiana Litvinenko, Belgorod State Agrarian University, Russia
    • Dr. Róbert Magda, Szent István University in Gödöllő, Hungary

  • Agricultural Markets and Institutions – Organised Session by the Association of Agricultural Economists in Slovakia
    Track chairs:
    • prof. Ing. Ján Pokrivčák, PhD., SAU Nitra
    • doc. Ing. Ľubica Bartová, CSc., SAU Nitra
    • doc. Ing. Peter Fandel, CSc.,  SAU Nitra
    • doc. Ing. Miroslava Rajčániová, PhD., SAU Nitra

  • Doctoral Session "Young science" 
    Track chairs:
    • Sviridova Olga, C.E.S., Orel State Agrarian University, Russian Federation
    • Ing. Mária Urbánová, PhD., SUA Nitra
    • Ing. Marcela Hallová, PhD. SUA Nitra

  • The efficiency of agriculture in context of sustainable development, social and environmental system of management - The society of agricultural experts at SUA in Nitra  
    Track chairs:
    • doc. Ing. Peter Serenčéš, PhD., SUA Nitra
    • Ing. Zuzana Čierna, PhD., SUA Nitra

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