About the project


Sustainability of Small and Family Farms (SOILS)

Udržateľnosť malých a rodinných fariem  

The aim of this project is to strengthen cooperation in the field of innovative pedagogical activities between selected higher education institutions and professional practice. Areas of cooperation will be the issue of education with a focus on small and family farms and their functions (business, economic, production, organizational, technical, ecological and social functions). In regional terms, the project will focus on small farms in selected regions of Europe. Recently started in the developed countries rapidly expand business networks as a form of cooperation agreements associating small farms and that brings special effects for the economy and for entrepreneurs (particularly in terms of cost reduction, use of new technologies, more information, etc.). The project will also focus equally on the problems of young farmers, who are the future of agriculture and they must first apply for innovative tools of business.

The content of the project will be evaluation of the various functions of farms and determination and quantification of the key determinants of the sustainability of small farms in selected regions of Europe with regard to natural conditions, as well as with a view to ensure food self-sufficiency in analyzed selected regions.

Project outcomes, intellectual outputs: common methodology for farms and commodity evaluation in chosen EU countries, evaluation analyzes of small farms in selected regions of the EU, specified innovative model of small farms analyzed for different regions, which will be useful in teaching as well serve as the underlying research tool. The model will be processed in the form of a software product in multiple languages available and will be applied by all project partners. Other outputs will be two conference within multiplier events, as well as two workshops within the educational activities of the project.