Project presentations during winter semester 2009/2010 at the course of Marketing and International Marketing.

Visiting professor Tauno Kekale from the University of Vaasa, Finland, hold the lecture on Product policy issues, innovation, quality and consumer behaviour for students of the courses Marketing and International Marketing (November, 23 - 26, 2009). Over 60 students participated at his interesting lectures. Students had a chance to learn about relations between culture, consumer perception and consumption, processes of product innovation and ways how to meet different criteria of consumer markets worldwide. As a part of the lecture the students has been offered to test some Finish food products, to see and evaluate some technical products, too and discuss on specific features of products from different countries Slovakia and Finland including.

Visiting professor Svend Hollensen at the course of International Marketing on November, 13, 2008 at 13,30, AS-31
Prof. Svend Hollensen has practical experience from his experience as International Marketing Coordinator in a large Danish multinational enterprise as well as from being International Marketing Manager in a company producing agricultural machinery. After working in industry he received his Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in 1992.
His book on global marketing strategy, Global Marketing - A Decision Oriented Approach is the bestselling text on the subject across Europe and is the recommended text on many postgraduate programmes as well as being used by marketers and business owners to help them design and develop their global marketing programmes. He has received widespread praise for this book, now the No1 text on the subject in Europe and No3 across the world. During his stay he visited food processing company NOVOFRUCT Nové Zámky and had a panel discussion with management team.