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Guide to authors

General information
Acta fytotechnica et zootechnica is a scientific journal of the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, in which original scientific papers are published. Only papers which have not been published or simultaneously submitted to other journals will be accepted, regardless the author's appurtenance to the University. Author is responsible for the scientific quality and formal correctness of the paper.

Paper structure
Title – short, brief, and concise information on the paper content.
Authors – the surnames and first names of all authors, who contributed to the paper origination, followed by the workplace address at the next line. Academic degrees should not be forwarded.

Abstract in English – it should clearly estimate goals of research and bring a brief description of experiment(s), the main observations, results and conclusions. Provide an abstract of not more than 200 and not less than 100 words. It should be clear, without reffering to the paper. Use complete sentences and limit the use of abbreviations. Each reference to the author should be written in capitals. Repeating the paper title at the beginning of the abstract is not recommended. The subject of the paper should be given at the beginning, new facts, data and methods should be presented herein.

Key words in English – up to a maximum of five key words starting with small letters should be listed at the end of Abstract.

Introduction – should afford a review of the related works and the information concerning the state of the research of the relevant questions. Related references are recommended. The introduction should not be divided into subunits.

Material and Methods – this section should consist of subunits describing equipment, methods, and procedures. It is necessary to provide readers with enough details of methods and equipment to enable the described procedure to be repeated. When the methods are not original, the adequate references are recommended.

Results and Discussion – the results should be presented briefly in tables or figures. Provide enough data to give reason for the conclusions. The same information should not be given in different forms (tables, graphs, text). In the disscusion, there is necessary to emphasize the importance of the findings and to compare the information obtained with existing knowledge, if possible. Tables and figures should be marked understandable way. Photos, graphs, diagrams, maps, etc. should have a legend. English transaction of the titles of tables and figures should be put righ bellow the table or figure, too. Only drawings drafted on glossy paper or printed by a laser printer will be accepted. Using abbreviations which are not official is not allowed without explanation. Using ™ and with products is necessary. Use SI units and the derivated ones.

References – references shoul be listed in alphabetical order. The references to information obtained through Internet shoul be provided with URL adress together with the date of the information acquiring.

Author's adress – the full name (including scietific degrees) of the first author and complete adress of this working place, including telephone and fax number, and e-mail.

Manuscripts for Publication

University Publishing and Editorial Center, Slovak Agricultural University, Lubica Dudáková, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, Slovak Republic, at the diskette, written in MS Word. British English is recommended

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